Port Solution Integrators, Inc. offers a challenging, entrepreneurial environment filled with opportunities in many different areas for employees from entry-level on up.

The Position

Entry Level to 3+ year's experience. Offering a unique opportunity to expand your Computer Science/Computer Systems Engineering education. You will learn our product base through training, on-site installations and customer support. Your growing knowledge base will give you the ability to expand our existing products and develop new products based on projected customer needs. A real understanding of computer engineering, along with system and application level programming is a must. Our current programming technologies include C, C#, .NET Framework, SQL Server as well as other Microsoft related programs, running on Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, UNIX, and Linux Operating Systems.

The Perks

Privately-owned company where ideas are freely expressed, employees are highly creative and the customers are the best in the world. We work in a fast-paced environment that presents new challenges every day while still emphasizing a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Our on-site installations provide opportunities to travel. Our goal is to be a company that mentors, trains, and rewards employee individuality and team performance in return for fun, flexibility, and respect.