Automated Gate System & TWIC Access Points

From truck gates to straddle carriers, PSI's TWIC Access Points can increase the security and effiency of many container terminal transactions and processes. Positioned at key locations around the terminal, these access points allow truck drivers and terminal workers to interface directly with the Terminal Operating System by simply scanning their TWIC cards. These devices can be configured to fit their function. Possible features include contact and contactless smart card reading, fingerprint scanning, two-way voice communication, video monitoring, and ticket printing.
The Reader is a compact device featuring a contactless TWIC card reader and an LCD screen. The device is powered over ethernet, making it easy to install in almost any location. The Reader is one of the easiest ways to setup a terminal operating system checkpoint.
The Communicator Access Point features a TWIC card reader, an informational display, and a two way voice intercom. This access point can automate typical transactions while allowing truck drivers to communicate with terminal workers for more complex cases.
The kiosk offers the ability for remote control of an entry gate system. A kiosk allows truck drivers and terminal workers to interface directly with the Terminal Operating System by simply scanning their TWIC cards. A kiosk can be configured with various accessories and levels of authentication including: RFID card reading, Fingerprint verification, and keypad entry in order to increase terminal security.
The BioAccess provides biometric signin capabilities to be incorporated with a log-in system. BioAccess securely protects access to machines and ensures driver productivity.

Handheld Solutions

Real ID Handheld
The Real ID Handheld is a powerful mobile device capable of verifying an individual's identity while reducing identity fraud and protecting private personal information. Built around the rugged Psion Workabout PRO 3, the Real ID performs reliably in any environment.

PSI has taken advantage of the Workabout Pro's flexibility with its numerous add-on options by developing a solution that is configurable to meet a wide variety of security requirements - from contact/contactless card reading to fingerprint scanning or any combination of the two. The PSI Real ID Handheld is designed to give state-of-the-art security control and unparalleled capacity to verify an identity wherever the need may present.

The Real ID Handheld fully supports TWIC cards and has been approved for inclusion on the TSA's Initial Capabililty Evaluation (ICE) List. CAC, MIFARE, DESFire, HID iCLASS, and HID Prox card formats are also supported. PSI's team of experienced engineers can design a solution to read proprietary smart card formats upon request. For those organizations that prefer to design their own software, PSI provides an API set with every device to allow programmatic access to card data. PSI's APIs have been fully tested and can be modified upon request to facilitate particular needs. Use of the PSI API set can reduce the cost of a customized solution while significantly reducing development time, and therefore, benefiting your bottom line.

HID Global Partnership
PSI has partnered with HID Global to make the Real ID the industry's first all-in-one handheld device and iCLASS SE Reader. The Real ID now supports more card formats than ever, including HID Global's award-winning iCLASS SE platform.

Press Release

Port Information Collector

Port Solution Integrators understands that every terminal has unique requirements and constraints. Consider asset tracking - some terminals require sub-meter accuracy to ascertain the exact location of each container, while others only need to track containers across general regions of the facility.

Utlilizing any of a variety of possible GPS solutions, Port Solution Integrators combines a number of core technologies and can be easily customized to suit your container position verification needs.

Our proprietary Port Information Collector (PIC) communicates with equipment control and peripheral systems, assimilating the data from each system. In addition to Container Position Verification, we can easily provide features like container weighing, automatic user login, OCR-based container ID, maintenance alerts, and relay drive activities.

Data collected by the Port Information Collector can be transmitted over a wireless network to a server that is configured tp perform a variety of customized tasks including interfacing with your Terminal Operating System (TOS). This solution can operate over virtually any existing communication infrastructure, including Narrowband, WiFi, and Cellular networks.

Your net result will be dramatic improvement of operational efficiency, a streamed business process, eliminating human error, and simplified maintenance.

Computer Vision and Remote Inspection Systems

Camera Command and Control
The Camera Command and Control is a software system used to facilitate remote M&R and Inventory of contrainers in a 24/7 container terminal operation. High Definition Megapixel IP cameras mounted on 100 foot high-mast light poles provide real time view of the port. This system is a crucial portion of container operation at one of the busiest container rail operations on the east coast(VIT) providing increased safety, efficiency, and productivity.
Vision Portals
PSI's Vision Portals provide high resolution images for container damage inspection. The vision portal creates images of all sides of a container for inspection. It is caple of handling high passage speeds (Rail/Truck) and it suitable for all lighting conditions.
Container Number Recognition
PSI's vision systems provide the ability to easily identify and log the identification numbers of intermodal shipping containers. These vision systems produce exceptionally clear imagery in both day and night conditions, and accurate optical character recognition (OCR) results of container numbers.
Image Stitching
PSI's vision systems are capable of producing full length, stitched images of the sides and bottoms of intermodal shipping containers as they are moved though a portal. These high resolution images provide an accurate view of all angles of a container and are suitable for visual inspection and analysis purposes.